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Condors return to Northern California
The California Condors  have been critically endangered. Through conservation efforts their numbers have increased and they are now seen in Southern California skies again. However condors have not been seen in Northern  California in over 100 years.  Starting in the fall of 2021  juvenile condors will be released into Redwood National Park. The plan is to release 4-6 birds a year for the next 20 years. In the 1980s there were only 23 condors in the wild and now their numbers have improved and they are expanding back   into their natural habitat.

The California Condors are a real conservation success story. They went from 23 wild bird to over 300. In the 1980s the last of the condors were captured and they were bred in captivity. This allowed their numbers to increase. When there were enough, the birds were returned to the wild. They now live and nest naturally in Southern California. Returning them to the north, to the redwood forest, is  the next step in restoring a species. Some day they will live and fly the skies in all of their natural habitat. I can still remember the desperate efforts that were made in the 1980s.This is a story we can be happy about. The birds have survived and they are returning to where they belong.
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