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Giant Rabbit stolen from back garden
Darius the rabbit won the Guinness world record for the longest rabbit in 2010.  It is amazing that he is still alive. Continental giants usually only live 4-6 years.
Sadly someone stole him from his hutch in the back garden on Saturday.
Given his extreme age  and how sensitive rabbits can be he is at risk and he needs to be returned soon.

First dog theft and now rabbit theft. Where does it end. Hopefully they can get Darrius back while he is still okay. How horrible for Darius to live so long only to be stolen from his home by strangers.

I can't imagine how anyone was able to carry him away like that.  They must have had a car. You couldn't walk down the street with a rabbit that big without attracting attention. Someone must have seen something. I hope the reward is enough to encourage someone to come forward.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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