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International Guide Dog Day
I am only  days late.  I try. 
It is International Guide Dog day. This is something  to celebrate. Dogs have been guiding humans for longer than most of us realize.
There are paintings unearthed in Pompeii that show guide dogs leading  the blind. Dogs have been guiding the blind for centuries. 
In the last century training for the dogs became more rigorous and more formal. Dogs actually have to pass tests to become guide dogs.

Speaking of guide dogs graduating, 20 dogs just graduated in Canada. The lives of twenty blind people have been enriched by a dog companion/guide.
One dog in particular, Maggie, is a Buddie Dog. She is a guide dog to a 14 year old. She is more than just a guide dog, she has partnered with the boy before her training is complete. In some ways, they train together.

I didn't know they were training dogs for children. I can see why they would have special ways of doing it. It would be a different relationship than an adult taking on a dog.  I can see how Maggie would make Gabriel's life so much better. 

Every time I read about guide dogs, I learn something new.  It is amazing that dogs are willing to take on the responsibility of being a guide dog.
Definitely we should celebrate the work they do and honor them. It takes a special dog to be a guide dog. It must take an extra special dog to be a guide dog to a child. They all deserve our respect.
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