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Spain to give rights to pets
Spain is approving a law that will give equal rights to pets. They will be considered living beings and not property. They have to be considered when marriages break up or debts are settled. If a lost pet is found, a search must be made for the owner. This is a total change in thinking with regards to pets.

Now the big question is , what about Galgos. Spanish greyhounds are mistreated. They are often killed at the end of hunting season, sometimes cruelly.
What about bull fighting. If these animals are not  protected by the new laws right now, will the change in thinking lead to their protection later.
It is something to be hoped for. Every move towards protecting animals  is a movement in the right direction and has the potential to benefit all animal eventually.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

This is a good step forward.
I too, am concerned about the Galgos, Spanish hunting dogs. The cruelty towards them is barbaric. Sometimes, a few are resued, but their fate is generally very bad.

We can only hope that change comes about in steps, and this new law is a good step in  the right direction for now.
Once pets have rights then the question of the status of Galgos will come up. Are they pets or are they livestock. There are laws preventing the cruel killing of animals. Even is slaughter is poorly regulated, the way Galgos are treated would not be allowed. If the Galgos are not livestock then they would be pets. They would be protected. The abandonment and cruel killing would not be allowed.

Bull fighting is going to take more time, but once you recognize the right of some animals it becomes harder to treat other animals badly.

I do hope this law is passed and that it has the effect of eventually protecting all animals.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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