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California Wildlife Rescue takes in 900 orphaned ducklings
The California Wildlife Rescue takes in orphaned ducklings every year. This year there seems to be a baby boom and they  now have 900 tiny ducklings to care for. 
Some were brought in from around the state by Animal Control officers from other cities. Some were brought in by the well intentioned public. People mean well when they set out to "rescue" baby ducks. Sadly many times mom is there and caring for them. Instead of rescuing them, people steal them from their mother. Baby ducks are best left with mom. No one knows better how to raise a baby duck than a mama duck.

The rescue is managing, but they need donations of food and money to buy food.

Nine hundred ducklings can eat a lot of food. Can you imagine the sound of 900 ducklings quacking for food. I am sure they are doing a great job, but it must be exhausting.  When release time comes, there will be ducks everywhere. Actually that is a good thing. I really wish there were ducks everywhere.
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