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Stella the dog learned to "talk", so can your dog.
Stella the dog has a mom who is a speech pathologist. Christina Hunger noticed Stella communicating like a child would just before they learn to speak. Stella however would not be speaking. Dogs lack the capacity for speech. However she could learn language. Many dogs know words. They just can't say them. Christina set up a sound board, where each button when pressed says a word out loud. Stella has learned to press buttons to express wants. She makes little sentences. It is amazing to watch.

Christina has written a book How Stella Learned To Talk  where she   explains how to teach a dog to talk. She very carefully outlines  the steps needed the teach any dog how to use a sound board. She explains the various steps needed to make your dog more verbal.

Even if your dog did not become fluent, but did learn a few basic words or even just learned to understand words better, it would make communication so much better. Just to know if your dog was hungry or thirsty is a big thing. There are many dogs out there that would love to tell you what they think. This could open up the world for them.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

This is quite an amazing idea! I have only just seen this thread, Catherine, but I will now go back and read about what happened with Stella.
It is incredible what Stella has learned. We know dogs learn words. They just can't speak. When given a way to produce words, Stella uses words to communicate.
I wonder how many dogs out there wish they had a way to produce words.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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