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Invasive lizards on Vancouver Island
Vancouver Island and  the Gulf Islands are having a problem with invasive Common Wall  Lizards. They are actually from Italy and they first appeared in the 1960s.
A few of them were released. Now there are more than 700,000. They were released in Saanich, but now they have spread to other islands in the area.
It is not clear what their impact will be, but lizards have been seen eating bees and new born Garter Snakes.

I am surprised that they have survived. There are few lizards in Canada. We are too cold. Vancouver Island is one of our milder climate areas. This isn't going to end well. Invasive species never end well. They have no natural predators and they eat things that have no defense against them. I don't know how they are going to solve this. The problem is getting worse and it is spreading.

When will we learn not to release animals in habitats that are not their own.
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