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Guinea Pig Diaries...a guinea pig documentary
Two film makers ended up with pet guinea pigs. When they realized they both had guinea pigs they decided to make a guinea pig documentary. 
They visited guinea pig people all over Europe and USA. They visited guinea pig shows and events. They visited guinea pig rescues. The interviewed people who live with guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are unique pets. They are vulnerable and need a lot of care and they are quite attached to their people. They make the most amazing noises. They are totally charming.  They called the movie Guinea Pig Diaries and it is  premiering at the San Francisco Doc Fest until June 20, 2021.

If you have never lived with a guinea pig it would be hard to understand what it is like to have a guinea pig pet. They are like no other pet I have ever had. 
I love the idea that they get a movie. I don't know what it is about guinea pigs. They are always happy about life. I give the same plate of veggies twice a day to a guinea pig who greets each offering as  the most special meal he has ever had. Boris is a happy chubby piggie. He is even cute when he sleeps. 

I am sure every piggie they interviewed for the movie was just as cute. The whole movie will be total cuteness.  There is just something so appealing about guinea pigs. It is time they had a documentary. Now I hope they make the movie available so we can all see it.
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