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Yulin is one of many killing festivals.
As horrified as we are about Yulin, it is really just one of many animal killing festivals. They are all different, but hey do have brutality in common.
It seems that humans all around the world have developed "traditions" around the cruel killing of animals. It is only the work of activists now that are changing things and getting some of the events shut down and banned.

You may not want to actually read the article. I learned about some events that I had never heard of before. That means there are probably others that are not well known.  It seems that humans have a very nasty history that we have not yet over come. The article doesn't even mention the slaughters of sea mammals.

Many people are fighting to keep their brutal events, but the  many dedicated people are working to stop them. Whatever we can do to support activists anywhere
is helping to fight the evil cruelty. Some of these events have been banned. Some at least have been diminished. As long as we never stop fighting for the good, someday this will all be history. Every petition you sign, donation you make and protest you attend is helping to move things in the right direction.
It is a fight we can't afford to lose. We need to leave our brutal past behind.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

The article is horrifying. Humanity at its worst!
I was shocked. 
I am just glad there are people working to prove that we are better than that.
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