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The Drowning Dog
A very moving video. There were tears in my eyes ...
Heart It is our deeds, the accumulated acts of goodness and kindness that define us and ultimately are the true measure of our worth. Service is the coin of the spirit.Heart
What a wonderful video. Blessings to this young man.
A brave young man, who deserves every blessing we can give him. I would love to know more about him.
What a wonderful act of bravery, kindness and true humanity.
Just when the dog thought he was lost someone came to his rescue. The dogs eye's after he is safe say it all.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I found this article. The young man's name is Raden Soemawinata
The dog's name is Bibi.
The story is here:
I can't get your link to work so I tracked down the site and I will post it again.

I wondered how the dog ended up in the water.
It is a wonderful story. He is a brave young man with a compassionate heart.Heart

I hope life is good to him.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Thank you for tracking down the full story!
Thank you Catherine. That is now the 2nd time I have posted a dead link. The first one I could understand, as I found an obvious error. But that one.....I cannot imagine why it didn't copy correctly...There is a Gremlin in my machine!! LOL
I have had that happen a few times. Sometimes I catch it later and sometimes someone else catches it.
Computers were created to be glitchy so that we don't get to comfortable.

I didn't realize that the dog was blown into the water. What a scary experience. The wind can be very strong sometimes, but you never imagine that it could blow your dog into the water.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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