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Dangers of e-cigarettes for pets
It seems that as the use of e-cigarettes increases, so do the numbers of pets being poisoned by them. The nicotine liquid is very toxic so if a pet owner has an e-cigarette in the house they must be very careful and be aware of the signs of poisoning.

Yet another danger for our pets. It seems that so many of the things we do are potentially harmful or lethal to our pets.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Thank you for this reminder Catherine. Yes Nicotine is very very poisonous for animals, and often kills them. An e-cigarette might look like something to play with and bite.
It's good to know the dangers of many things we have in our lives and in our homes. Many dogs -and certainly cats -can reach counter-tops, so these things should be high up on shelves, or locked in a cupboard.
They may even be more dangerous than regular cigarettes. The nicotine is in liquid form and more easily ingested. I would take so little to be lethal, especially for a tiny pet.

Anyone with pets needs to practice extreme caution about medications. Pills dropped on the floor are easily found by a curious pet and sometimes one pill is enough to kill or make a pet seriously ill.
Things we can handle are often lethal to our pets. We can't even leave chocolate around if we have a dog.

It is a sad, but fortunate thing that there is a pet poison control line to call for help.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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